Self Storage in Enfield

The easier way for you to store...

Let us help make your life a little easier. If you're storing your own goods do you really want to pay more than necessary to store in a traditional storage room and then (probably) need to load your goods on to trolleys and push them all to your storage unit which may be 100 meters away. You may also need you to wait for a lift or worse still, carry everything up some stairs. We're guessing you'd rather cut out all this extra work which is where we come in. We can put your storage unit right next to your vehicle so the time and effort spent unloading is minimised. 

Another huge benefit of storing with us is that you don't need to commit to renting a large room that you estimate is sufficent at the start but ends up being too large or too small. With us you can use 1 x 35sqft unit or if that's not enough just ask for another. 

Finally, we are sure we will save you money. If you need storage in Enfield you must get in touch.

Prohibited Items:

Unfortunately there are some items which are prohibited from storage. These items include;

  • Fertilisers and chemicals
  • Fridge freezers that have not been defrosted
  • Goods infected by woodworm, damp or moths
  • Gas bottles, cylinders and cans
  • Petrol or any other flammable liquids
  • Plants
  • Jewellery (& similar valuables)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Food and perishables
  • Livestock
  • Batteries and acids
  • Guns, ammunition, fireworks and explosives

Self storage in Enfield - Containerised self storage in Enfield